January 22, 2019

Gethu – Review

Udhayanidhi dons the lead role besides producing Gethu. Maan Karate-fame Thirukumaran has directed the movie.

In Gethu, Udhay sports a different look. Amy Jackson, artistes Sathyaraj and Rajesh besides Vikranth and Mime Gopi play part of the movie. Music for Gethu is by Harris Jayaraj, who has scored in all three of Udhay’s previous movies.

The high point of the movie is that Vikranth plays a baddie. Three cheers to Thirukumaran for a superb screenplay with twists and turns.

Sathyaraj plays a PET teacher in a school in a hill station. His son Sethu (Udhay) is a librarian there. He comes across an iyengar girl (Amy Jackson)who steals books from the library and the way Sethu revovers iot from her blossoms into love. Meanwhile there is a serial killer who excels in shooting Bull (Vikranth), who comes on a mission to the place.

He has few plans to be executed. Meanwhile Sathyaraj gets into a tangle with a gang of baddies and what Sethu does to set things around and foil Bull’s plans form the crux.

The movie is high on action and stuyle. Udhay has gone for a makeover and it is good and deserves credit for presenting him differently on screen.

The high point of the movie is visuals. The locations are captured by cinematographer Sukumar with wonderful colours.

The fight sequences are also plus. Harris jeyaraj’s songs are okay but a loud BGM spoils the show at places.

Also the film doesn’t seem to completely engage you entirely. The thrill and mystery elements are predictable.

However the movie can be appreciated for the efforts of the team to give something different.

Three cheers to Sathyaraj., Vikranth and Udhay.

Gethu – Style but very simple

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