December 17, 2018

Vishal to fight piracy

One thing that almost all producers battle during a film’s release is piracy.

Keeping this in mind, actor Vishal, whose film Marudhu is set to hit the screen on 20 May has said that the film fertininity should unite to fight it.

‘Though lot has been spoken, no action has been taken against piracy in Tamil cinema. Hence I have decided to wage a war against it with my friends beginning next week,’ says actor Vishal at a meet organised to announce the release of his movie Marudhu in Chennai.

He said, ‘The hardwork of producers, directors and actors and actresses are killed by piracy. It is time that we come together and act. I want everyone in the industry to stand united and fight it.’

Marudhu directed by Muthiah has Sri Divya as heroine, music by D Imman and the cast includes Soori and Marimuthu among others.

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